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The potato salads

The potato salads

Say potato salad it's just one way to open the door to tons of salads of all kinds:
from the classic potato salad with oil and parsley to very rich preparations.

Preparations all united by a main ingredient:
boiled potato!

Whether cold, warm or hot, vegetarian or with meat or fish, in all these recipes the protagonist's role will belong to this tuber.

A potato salad is an ideal appetizer, suitable both for a few people and for a standing lunch party with dozens of participants. Excellent during a picnic for a snack break and easy to carry around.

And if completed with ingredients of every color, it is perfect for coloring the table at the start of a lunch or dinner.

I prepare different types, mainly, also based on the available ingredients, starting from what I have classified as my basic potato salad (Here the recipe)

And the ingredients listed below are those that in general, in all its variations, are never lacking; are these:

potatoes hard cheese  pc. 6
apples  pc. 2
hard-boiled eggs  pc. 3
shallot  pc. 1
vinegar  q.s.
extra virgin olive oil  q.s.
tomatoes  pc. 2
pickled gherkins  pc. 1


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Here are some of my favorite potato salads:


 Potato salad: the basic version! potato salad



recovery salad

Recovery salad 





Octopus and potato salad

Octopus and potatoes: a classic with the scent of the sea 



cover B
 The summer salad  

  Potato salad, the Tartar  

 tartare b


potatoesfiglmuller Viennese potato salad, like at the Figlmueller restaurant 


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