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These are my last recipes;
Some of the recipes I prepare for my home and also for friends.
Plates I liked and learned to prepare, adapting to my taste and needs.

Ma ... attention:
my recipes are in my own way and it is not said that they respect the traditional canons;

also because, on certain classic preparations, every village and every family have their own original version!

On this page, day after day, a new or revised recipe may appear; But also the story of a meal prepared or eaten in the company.
Just like some curiosity ...

Enjoy the reading!

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Spicy Mezzepenne with spinach and corn

Spicy Mezzepenne with spinach and corn
(a "light" recipe)

This is a complete dish that has two big advantages: is prepared in a hurry and has an extremely low cost.
And it is also good.
An idea to put immediately on the table.

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Chicken fricasseeChicken fricassea lettuce,
the recycling kitchen

Good! we have prepared a nice chicken broth and now we have this pretty volatile, well-bled but also partially private of its flavor (went to the broth) at our disposal.

What can we do with it?

There are different solutions from a classic cold salad (shortly the recipe!) to a nice gelatin preparation.

Or use it for this elegant and tasty fricassea.

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Ossobuco with gremolada at Milan

Ossobuco with gremolada at Milan

Among the dishes my mother put on the table on Sunday, the ossobuco, when preparing it, was always well received.

And it never went!

For the happiest, then, he also prepared the gods holes more...
so there was a further dose of marrow to be extracted ...

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chicken broth SChicken soup,
the recipe of Tim Mälzer

In my kitchen the broth is never missing; that it is just prepared or taken from mine magic freezer;
beef or vegetable or mixed meats or, as in this case of chicken, whenever it needs it must be there.

Out of the question, then, that it is a good broth!

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