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 vegetarian recipes

 Pasta with Zucchini

Vegetarian recipes: let's talk!

Some say that in my pages I don't dedicate enough space to vegetarian cuisine ...

In reality this is not the case; and there are many recipes.

It happens that sometimes some of the traditional recipes and decidedly vegetarian (or even vegan, as pasta and beans) They are not even reported in vegetarian recipes as well as in general!

However, I believe I have recovered almost all of them and, for safety, I will make sure to recall some of them in the next few days.

For starters refer those interested to the chapters that bring these recipes, here they are!


All vegetarian appetizers:

for example:


cover S Tzatziki

This Greek sauce made with yogurt, garlic, cucumber and olive oil is perhaps one of the most popular seasonings Greek cuisine.
To be served with gyros or with simple eggplant f



All the early vegetarians:

for example:

Spaghetti alla puttanesca but ... vegetarian

A vegetarian puttanesca

Although sometimes a heresy may appear, the vegetarian version of some cooking classics can be just as flavorful and tasty as the original version.
This is the case with this version of the



All my vegetarian main dishes (or seconds, depending on hunger!):

for example:

Wok of winter vegetables to Five Spice

Wok of winter vegetables to five Spices

Even the autumn and winter offer us many opportunities to indulge in the kitchen with colorful vegetable preparations;
dishes not only look good but also ASSAP




It is very difficult in my kitchen to prepare sweets with lard ... - and if anything asked for it, even if only for frying, I will indicate it carefully - Why do not I take the list of sweets and dessert!


And I will try to keep this list always updated and expanded, as far as possible (after all, as much as I want to cook, I can't eat that much ...)


The suggestions in this case, I leave to those who visit this page and will want to recommend something to improve it!