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Pasta with Zucchini

Vegetarian recipes: let's talk!

Some say that on my pages do not devote enough space to vegetarian cooking ...

In reality it is not so; and there are many recipes.

It happens that sometimes some of the traditional recipes and decidedly vegetarian (or even vegan, as pasta and beans) They are not even reported in vegetarian recipes as well as in general!

But I think almost all of them recovered and, to be sure, in the next few days I will try to recall some.

For starters refer those interested to the chapters that bring these recipes, here they are!

All vegetarian appetizers:

for example:

Savory pie onions and cheese

Savory pie onions and cheese

Here is a vegetarian dish that is good for many occasions and also lends itself to some variations.

It can be used as a main course for a veget lunch


All the early vegetarians:

for example:

Sautéed of paddies and mushrooms

Sautéed of paddies and mushrooms
(Vegetarian preparation)

It will be the paddies are a type of pasta, for me, quite unusual, will then, at home, there is always rice ...
It ends that do not use them often.

Yet in many p


All my vegetarian main dishes (or seconds, depending on hunger!):

for example:

Baked casserole with spiced parsnip and various tubers

As it is written in a recent recipe even the autumn, with its offer of all kinds of root and tuber allows us to get to the table with p



It is highly unlikely that in my kitchen are desserts prepared with lard ... - and if anything requires it, even though it was only for frying, I will show it with care - Why do not I take the list of sweets and dessert!


And I'll try to keep this list up to date and expanded, to the extent possible (basically limits, as want to cook, that much I can not eat ...)


The suggestions, in this case, I leave to those who visit this page and will recommend something to improve it!

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