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Omelets fast, peas and mint

Fast omelette with peas and mint

Omelettes and omelettes are one of my solutions to quickly solve the problem of what to put on the table when I do not really want to give me cooking in the kitchen ... and often also to elegantly dispose of some remnants of the previous meal!

This omelette characterized by the aroma of mint is one of my last-minute preparations.

Few ingredients and great rapidity of preparation: it is always ingredients present in the home; except the mint that, unless it is covered by snow, is in the garden!

And for those who want to even touch the brewing.

Here she is:


eggs pz 3
onion pz 1
peas g 100
mint bouquet 1
salt and pepper QB
beer (optional) cc 50
extra virgin olive oil QB


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Cut the onion into slices and fry in a pan with a little 'of olive oil and peas (out of season frozen ones are fine).

Beat the eggs with a whisk, adding salt, pepper and mint into pieces minutes.

Wanting to add a little 'of beer, it helps to inflate a bit' the omelette!

As soon as the onion begins to brown, raise the heat and pour the beaten eggs, turning the pan briefly so as to distribute it well.

After a minute, cover the pan and lower the low-medium heat: quest'omelette should be cooked only on one side but you have to make sure that under no colors too, or worse, burn!

In five minutes, in a covered pan, even the upper part of the omelette will be firmed.

Divide it in half and pass it in the dishes.

Lunch is served, good appetite!


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As an appetizer it's good for four or even six people.

As a single course ... at most for two!