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My eggplant parmigiana!

My eggplant parmigiana!

Every now and then I realize that my most usual dishes and most appreciated by friends have never been documented ...
Oh well: the years advance and sometimes something escapes me.

This time I remedy the shortcomings with the complete recipe of my eggplant parmigiana; in version, so to speak, light!

This is certainly not a complicated recipe: but each family has its own recipe certainly richer than my proposal.
For this version, which is very popular with the children of friends and neighbors, the only thing really needed is time.
The result is always guaranteed.

Ingredients, for a cm dish 28x20:




mozzarella cheese



tomato sauce






extra virgin olive oil



Ad Lib.




salt and pepper



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First, slice the aubergines to a thickness of less than a centimeter. If you have a slicer, do it first and keep the slices the same.

In this case, the aubergines will not be fried but grilled: therefore it is important that they are not too thin or then, in cooking, they will all fall apart.

To grill them, a very hot grill is enough. With the one in contact you avoid the effort of having to turn them. Then make them color and soften; but not too much, always to prevent them from being undone.

As a tomato sauce, the one you have at home is fine, maybe prepared by another preparation.
If you want to be really light, you could also limit yourself to a half-hour tomato puree and season with spices, salt and pepper.
But I prefer something more full-bodied ...
Slice the mozzarella and proceed.

Cover the bottom of the pan with a little oil mixed with tomato sauce and arrange a first layer of aubergines, cover them with the mozzarella slices, then the tomato sauce and a few basil leaves and finish with a nice layer of grated Parmesan cheese.

Repeat with a second layer of all the ingredients.

In a bowl beat an egg with salt and pepper, the remaining Parmesan and tomato sauce.

Arrange the last layer of eggplant and cover it well with the freshly prepared mixture.
Bake at 185 ° (fan oven) for 30 '/ 35' (I will never tire of repeating it: each oven has its own history, so you must always be careful when cooking when preparing a dish for the first time).

At this point the parmesan is ready, nice au gratin.
All that remains is to enjoy it in peace with friends!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • The doses, for a dish like this, are quite indicative: everyone must decide whether they want more or less tomato or cheese sauce.
  • Here, as you can see from the photos, the aubergines are placed side by side in the pan. One more result full-bodied it can be obtained by superimposing them on the edges: in this case, provide more aubergines!
  • It is important that the tomato sauce is beautiful thick so that the final result remains fairly compact.
  • I prefer to prepare the Parmesan the day before and heat it again to bring it to the table: I always have the impression that it is tastier.
    And, if you have particularly greedy guests, when you heat it, you can cover it with ground and drained mozzarella and then make it au gratin.
  • If you have tomato sauce, don't worry: it will be good for a plate of pasta the next day.
  • For a much more luxurious version of this, I refer you to the description that Lorenza, a friend from Foggia, makes of her! (Parmigiana Lorenza)

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