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Today, 6 April 2018, so I celebrate my personal #CarbonaraDay!

So: pork cheek, pecorino cheese, eggs, black pepper ground there, pecorino cheese and parmesan, spaghetti (I would have made some rigatoni but ... there are those who opposed it)

I propose only a photographic sequence, nulla more; but the recipe can be found here!

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Slice the bacon
per capite cheek g. 25

Stir in a bowl eggs, plenty of ground pepper there, grated pecorino and parmesan
per capita
egg pcs 1, black pepper ad libitum, pecorino cheese and parmesan (70%/30%) ad libitum

Put the bacon in the pan and throw the pasta
per capite pasta g. 80

While the pasta is cooking, brown the cheek

Drain the pasta al dente in a pan

Remove the pan from the heat and pour the mixture of eggs, pepper and caci.

Mix quickly and decisively

Serve accompanying, for those who like it, with other pepper, pecorino cheese and ... lots of love!

Bon appetite


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