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Bayern trifft Italien: Pfifferlingsragout mit Tagliatelle

Pfifferlingsragout mit Tagliatelle: finferli sauce with tagliatelle.

That is, Bavaria meets Italy: tagliatelle with ragout of chanterelles.
Of this typical Bavarian dish I have already published the prescription some time ago;
but I still had not had the opportunity to submit an interpretation that winks to the great pasta dishes of Italian cuisine.

Here she is!

After all, it is always the sauce!
And what better accompaniment for a sauce of a nice portion of egg noodles?

You choose which you prefer, whether fresh, home-made or bought ready to be cooked.

And also for the mushrooms, especially this season, the choice is varied: if the chanterelles are not there, they go perfectly well cultivated cardoncelli, the shi-take or even fresh champignons.
This sauce, maybe with a difference in flavor, will still be good.

A tasty vegetarian alternative to other condiments: that more than a condiment becomes the main interpreter of the dish.

The ingredients are those of the individual recipes; and therefore:

Egg noodles

Ragout of chanterelles

Extra virgin olive oil


I deliberately do not indicate the quantities: for oil and parsley they go according to personal tastes and, for the tagliatelle, depends only on one of these options: tagliatelle seasoned with chanterelles or chanterelles seasoned with tagliatelle?


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Prepare ragout of chanterelles as per recipe and keep it warm while cooking pasta.

Alternatively, you can also prepare the day before and heat it when you use it: it will not suffer.

Cook the tagliatelle in boiling salted water, drain and dress them in a tureen where olive oil and chopped parsley has already been prepared.

Distribute on plates and cover generously with the mushroom ragout and a good sprinkling of parsley.

And finally, enjoy your meal!


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In no case, please, this dish should be accompanied by some parmesan cheese: it would irreparably cover the delicacy of the chanterelles.