At dinner yesterday: the mezzepenne zucchini and shrimp!

The mezzepenne zucchini and shrimp!

There are dishes that I particularly like and that often go on my table.
They are tasty and they typically enjoy at all.

For example these mezzepenne sauteed with zucchini and shrimp.
A dish always present on my website.
It is among other things a preparation that requires little time and few ingredients; of those ingredients that we usually have in the pantry or in the fridge.

This time, just to change, I wanted to prepare the zucchini cut to match: they are ready in a few minutes!
The ingredients are the usual, garlic, olive oil, zucchini, shrimp and cherry tomatoes.

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As always, while the pasta is cooking, the garlic is browned with oil and the courgettes are added.

So the prawns and pasta ...

... and finally tomatoes and parsley.

And our mezzepenne am ready to go to the table!


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  • If the shrimps have just been taken out of the freezer, it is better to scald them, less than a minute, in the cooking water of the pasta; but before throwing the pasta, I recommend!
  • If you like this recipe or if you've already tried it ... let me know what you think!

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