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The pizza in the oven at home
virtually like in a pizzeria!

The pizza in the oven ,!

A nice pizza can also be prepared at home; And with great results!

And directly into the oven.

They will have a couple of simple things to do:
Let's see together what ...

Sure it would be nice to have a real pizza oven (in fact I have one: but they gave it to me!);
But it should also have the space to put it ...

So, having to make do with the oven that we use every day, we will get two simple accessories:

A pizza blade (or a thick sheet of paper often with a handle attached)

un Refractory floor for domestic ovens (now on the market and on the internet if they are of different types)

To this we will add the electric oven, which is quite recent (my age is ten).

And now let's start cooking!


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At least half an hour before starting to bake the pizzas, place the refractory top in the middle of the oven and heat to the maximum temperature (the surface must heat up well); many ovens, today, also have a function pizza Which allows them to warm, at an early stage, at a higher temperature than normal use.

Meanwhile, we prepare the ingredients that we usually use for our pizzas:

  • leavened dough (to be prepared earlier)
  • tomato
  • mozzarella cheese
  • And what else can we please ...

A little clarification: I usually make my meals with the flours I prefer; But I see that my grandson (in Italy) successfully uses one of those ready-made yeast doughs that are in the supermarket in kilo bags; And he always has friends who find him for a pizza in company!
Adjust as you like

We spread the dough quite thin (Two doughs should allow a diameter of almost thirty inches) And garnish them at will;
Without ever exaggerating, I recommend!

Here, for the photos, I was limited to the essentials.

Let's slide the pizza on a freshly floured shovel and from there let it slide gently on the refractory surface.

Close the oven and let it bake (depending on the oven, mix type and thickness) from three to five minutes.

Here, in my photos, my pizza after three minutes.

After not even another minute my pizza is ready!

And now, on the table!

Bon appetite


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  • At each pizza I start the function again pizza the oven: by me it switches off by itself when the temperature is reached; but in the meantime the cooking took place with the heating element on ...
  • During cooking (it is true for all yeasts) avoid the function Ventilated cooking.
  • For the most demanding there are pizza cookers that guarantee unexpected results: Click for an example
  • And for the sick of Acute pizza Like me, here is a pizza oven for the house: click here.
    The movie is not very nice but ... I prepared the pizza and filmed it!
    Next time I'll look for someone to film!
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