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The pizza in the oven!

The pizza in the "Spice Pizza Diavola" oven


The pizza is a passion of mine; and I always try, even at home, to make it as similar as possible to that of the pizzeria.

When last summer a friend gave me the oven for the pizza, which I've been for a long time doubtful, I wanted to try it well and see what came out.

Well, yes: it works!

Then I saw that some other friend asked me how it worked and how it was using, I have tried to document the use with a short movie:
here it is!

The pizza in the new oven


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I think the movie speaks for itself but if in doubt, I added, below, even some photos!

In the garden...

... he is at home

I recommend, let me know what you think, I wait for your comments.
Meanwhile, if you are already preparing you too:

good pizza!


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