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Mediterranean calzoncelli,
appetizer or a main dish?

Mediterranean calzoncelli

These calzoncelli to oven- or turnovers, if you prefer - they are a tasty preparation to serve as a single dish, in the larger version, both as panzerottini to be presented as a starter or fancy finger food.
It just depends on the size and number of guests!

Still come to the table, do not worry, they will not last long.

Unlike traditional panzerotti, these require a longer preparation of the filling;
filling that after cooked should also be allowed to cool.
But you can take advantage of the dough rising time to dedicate yourself.

For the rest, I assure you, no difficulty.
Here, beginning with the ingredients, how to proceed.


Pizza dough (v. Note) g 500
onions pc. 2
tomatoes ca. g 150
capers TS. 2
black olives, pitted g 100
salted anchovies pc. 2
Origan A.D. Lib.
grated pecorino g 50
extra virgin olive oil q.s.
sale q.s.


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Prepare the dough for pizza that you usually use;
or use one of the two recipes listed in the note (click here).
For the lazy ones there is always the possibility to use a ready-made baker's bowl or supermarket!

After the first leavening, if prepared at the time, divide it into eight parts, work them briefly and put them back to rest and grow for an hour.
(wanting to prepare panzerottini, get sixteen pieces of pasta!)

Begin, meanwhile, prepare the filling:
First slice the onions and brown them over a low heat in a pan without skimping on the oil.
Roll the tomatoes into cubes and, as soon as the onion has browned, add them to the pan, adding the black olives in pieces.

Simmer over low heat while you derive four threads from the two anchovies cleaned and desalted and rinsed capers.
Then also add these ingredients together with oregano.
Cook for a few minutes to dry out the excess moisture and then taste and adjust salt.

Remove from heat, add the cheese, stir and allow to cool.

Obtain some disks from the eight portions of pasta (or sixteen in the case of panzerottini), dispose a spoonful of stuffing and close them.
Wanting to seal them with the prongs of a fork (being careful not Prick, I recommend).

While the oven heats up, place them on a sheet of parchment paper (it will be easier to pass them in the oven), cover them with a cloth and let them rest briefly.
Just before baking, brush them with olive oil flavored with tomato paste and oregano.

Slide them on in refractory in the preheated oven at 250 ° and cook for about 8 '.
In the absence of a refractory floor (v. Note) place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 25 '.

Serve warm beautiful!


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