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The pita bread

Here is the pita bread!

The pita bread is now found almost everywhere and is very practical for the preparation of many hot rolls, those of the Mediterranean tradition, gyros and kebabs, to the more traditional snacks of our house.
Wanting to have baked here is how you can prepare at home, easily and quickly.

In addition to the oven really very little point: the universal dough for breads and pizzas (you find here), A baking sheet greased and ... a cloth in which to wrap the pita just ready to keep them soft!
That's it.


Universal dough for bread, pizza and the like, about



flour for processing


EVO oil for the plate


EVO oil for breads (optional)



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Take theuniversal dough, already leavened, and divide it into pieces each more or less the size of an egg.
The quantities indicated above if they can prepare a dozen.

Roll out on a floured surface the dough to a thickness not exceeding five millimeters.

Help yourself possibly with some Kitchen thicknesses.

Arrange the rolls on a greased plate, covered with a cloth and away from drafts.
Let rise for about fifteen minutes.
Who like me prefer to cook on in refractory you can let it rise on floured baking shovel.

Put them in the preheated oven at 220 ° (static) and cook for about 8 '.
After the first few minutes will begin to swell.

Remove them from the oven when ready and immediately wrap it in a cloth to maintain its softness while they cool.

At this point our pita bread is ready.

The best way to eat it is toast it briefly on the grill and then stuff it at will.


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  • Thicknesses Kitchen: On the market are of the appropriate thickness, mainly used for the preparation of sweets.
  • A small trick that can be used to ensure that when cooking the pocket is perfectly formed, it is a drop of oil in the middle of the semi-thick mixture.
    Then he closes in on itself and continue to work it to the required thickness.