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Universal dough for bread, pizza and the like

Universal dough for bread, pizza and the like

Many times one wonders what is the best mixture to prepare quickly at home and that can indiscriminately be used both for bread and pizza; and maybe also for other preparations that require a leavened dough.
Also because it can happen to be preparing two different leavened dough for the table.
To solve the problem is universal quest'impasto would call almost magic: works for many preparations and with excellent results in a normal home oven.

With the description of the preparation I have also included several examples of leavened obtained from quest'impasto, all tested not only by me but also by half the neighborhood!
And all they are left satisfied.

It must certainly not forget that, given the nature of dough everytime requires minimal care before being fired. For example, after the final processing (and, in the case of pizza, before the garnish) requires ten to fifteen minutes of rest, covered, so as to regain volume and cook better.
Moreover, in the case of the pizza cooked on the refractory surface, it usually requires a longer cooking time (so be careful that the mozzarella does not burn - eventually add it only after three minutes from the end of cooking).

Now check that all the ingredients are on the counter and start working!


0001.jpg 0002.jpg

White flour



whole wheat flour



salt (1 and & frac12; ct)



active dry yeast



extra virgin olive oil



warm water



oil for the bowl



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Pour into a bowl the flours, salt and yeast (that's right: yeast and salt together!) And mix well.

0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg

0006.jpg 0007.jpg

Add the oil and lukewarm water and start mixing.

0008.jpg 0009.jpg 0010.jpg


If you have available a mixer stir for two minutes at medium speed and then for another ten medium-low power.
Otherwise work the dough with floured hands on work surface for at least a quarter of an hour.

0012.jpg 0014.jpg 0015.jpg

At the end of the process it will be very soft and sticky mass: it must be so to ensure the best results in cooking.

0016.jpg 0017.jpg

Grease the bottom of a bowl with a little oil, roll over the dough briefly so that it is completely covered, and cover with a cloth.
Let rise in a warm place (for example the oven with the light on or, better yet, the leavening function).
If you have a leavening bowl with lid available, the tea towel is not necessary ...

0013.jpg 0018.jpg 0019.jpg

0020.jpg 0021.jpg

The dough requires one to two hours to double in volume.
At this point, using the fingertips gently bring it back to the original volume and use it to the desired preparation.

0022.jpg 0023.jpg 0025.jpg

0027.jpg 0028.jpg

With the dough prepared as above (and I still have it in the fridge ...), I have prepared a flat cake decorated with tomato and oregano ...

0031.jpg 0032.jpg 0033.jpg

... A couple of pizzas,

0030.jpg 0034.jpg 0035.jpg

0036.jpg 0037.jpg

of turnovers in the oven and ...

0029.jpg 0038.jpg 0039.jpg

0040.jpg 0041.jpg 0042.jpg


... pita bread for my grilling

0044.jpg 0045.jpg 0046.jpg

0047.jpg 0048.jpg 0049.jpg

0050.jpg 0051.jpg 0052.jpg

0053.jpg 0054.jpg 0055.jpg

Now it's up to you: good job and enjoy!


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