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soft bread with red onions: yum!

 The soft focaccia with red onions: what a delight!

These days I find myself cooking often; and often I can also take pictures of what I prepare.
But as for publishing it with a step-by-step description of the recipe, alas, I don't always succeed!

Moreover, in spring, even the garden claims my presence ...

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 But I do not want to deprive my readers also the images of what passes for my kitchen and then, as soon as I can put myself to the computer, try to publish at least a few photos.

I leave your imagination to discover how I prepared the dish.

Today, for example, I want to present my soft focaccia, in this version with red onions and tomato sauce sprinkled here and there;
how do you think?


Comments are always welcome!


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  • And if someone really wants to know the detailed recipe, just ask it: I'll have one more excuse to get away from garden work! 

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