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The pizza, I like it!

 The pizza, I like it!

A single and complete dish? Easy: pizza! Already a simple one daisy as that of these photos is a complete dish and more ... it is also good.

Each of us has his version of pizza and I do not pretend that mine is the original one. Although, to want to be fussy, there is also a disciplinary Ministerial that the rule! 

Io when I cook for friends, in the oven at home or with the grill in the garden, I prepare several versions, from the essential seafaring to very rich pizzas.
For me, for a lunch without too many thoughts, I settle for one daisy or, with the addition of a few anchovies, a Neapolitan.
The following is a small pizza, made with a pound and a half of dough; what was left over from previous preparation.
the dough I will complete the complete recipe soon.


Pizza dough (v. Note)



tomato puree



mozzarella into small cubes



salt and pepper



Ad lib

extra virgin olive oil



basil leaves (fcoltativo)

Ad lib

flour for the work surface




Preheat the oven, with the already inside plan for the pizza, at 300 ° (with the function pizza mine gets there, ... but 250 ° is enough, in ventilated function) It is good to have the shovel floured and all the ingredients on the work surface.

If possible, spread the mixture by hand on a granite or marble surface; or on the wooden board for the pasta that our mothers used, if it is still present at home. In any case, the work surface must be well floured and so must the dough, as it spreads out by rotating and turning it often. As soon as it reaches the required size, slide it onto shovel floured

Decorate the pizza with tomato, spreading it with a spoon, in a circular motion, from the center outwards. Season with salt and, if desired, pepper, sprinkle with diced mozzarella (left well to drain the humidity for a good half hour at least) and add the oregano (I crumble the flowers at the moment).

Pour a little oil and decorate with freshly chopped basil leaves

and slide on the refractory surface in the oven. Depending on the humidity of the dough and the decoration, cooking can vary from three to five minutes but, as I always write and say, each oven has its own history. The pizza is ready when the ledge has swollen and colored and the cheese has melted well, without being charred.

At this point the pizza is ready! I love to cut it in half or in quarters then folding it booklet (even if someone, in the house, looks at me badly ...); and then enjoy it with a nice glass of beer!


  • In the absence of the blade (Which generally it is supplied together with the plans for pizza) offset by a board of at least three millimeters and sharpened on one edge, it can be a worthy substitute.
  • I believe that for the success of a good pizza cooking on the refractory surface is the main thing; for the dough I think everyone should use what they prefer, with the flours they have: I am not a purist and, I will add, the bread dough that you can buy fresh from the baker is excellent; and also some fresh doughs that can be found in the supermarket, in Italy, guarantee excellent results.
  • tomato puree: if someone finds the tomato puree cooked so briefly indigestible, it can be replaced with a very simple tomato sauce previously cooked; in this case pay attention to the salt.

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