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The baking stone floor for pizza

refractory for pizza

To bake pizza - but not only - it is very convenient cooking on a baking stone floor. The advantage of this type of cooking is very simple to explain: the dough is baked for not only the heat of the oven but also for what he inherited directly from the hot floor. In the case of this pizza cooks quickly (three to five minutes) without giving time to the cheese to start scorching!
At lower temperatures and ensures more uniform baking homemade bread.

For the kitchen oven I have a very efficient text given to me by a friend some time ago 


but also lighter and more manageable plans can be found on the internet (by writing "baking stone", for example) or in the malls that sell everything you need for grilling. Sell ​​refractory plans for the grill, both gas to charcoal: I Have in fact a terrace for the gas grill

and another, round for the charcoal grill!


The important thing is that the temperature is suitable for cooking: at home, my built-in oven,  pizza, reaches a temperature of 300 °


Outdoor grills easily arrive at 350 °.

But do not be discouraged if your oven does not reach those temperatures: my sister, with a grill round baking stone (in corderite), in the oven at home with maximum temperature and convetion mode, gets a maximum temperature of 250 °; and, with one or two more minutes of cooking, churning out some great pizzas!


  • Warning! It is very important that the refractory top should be placed in the cold oven, before starting to heat it. And it should also be removed only when it has cooled to the point of being able to withdraw it with your hands (without gloves). The rule also applies to the grill ...
  • The shovel to put on and remove the baking pizza can be substituted by a board of plywood sharpened to a border with the sandpaper.

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