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Turnovers with curly endive 

Panzerotti with curly endive

This is an intriguing appetizer that, in spite of the long description of the preparation, is prepared very quickly and easily.

Wishing you can use (two per person, in this case) as a substitute for a first course.

Ingredients for six panzerotti:

pizza dough or bread



for the stuffing

curly endive



salted capers

CT ..


black olives like kalamata



salted anchovies



Extra virgin olive oil



clove of garlic



For finishing:



Chili pepper






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Leave to rise in a warm place, in a covered container (I use a special container), the pizza / bread dough already divided into six balls. 

Prepare the filling: 
Peel the curly endive, wash well and cut coarsely.
Squeeze it and place it in a large bowl. 

Add the unwashed salt capers, with all their salt;
so the desalted and disliscate anchovies. 

Rattle and break up a dozen black olives and add them to the bowl with a clove of garlic crushed with garlic press or chopped very fine.
Season with olive oil and leave for an hour at least:
the escarole will soften and reduce considerably by losing all the water due to the salt.
Check in each case the salt and in the case the filling results still bland add what is necessary.

In a bowl dilute the ash (if missing, a good amount of chopped chili) with olive oil and season with a good oat garnish, according to taste;
will serve to brush the panzerotti before baking.


Heat the oven, possibly placing on the lower grid one in refractory, The maximum temperature. 

Meanwhile, fill the filling very well to remove all the water thrown by the scarlet;

then flatten with hands the dough balls

and place in the center of each disc one sixth of the filling and close them half-moon, like trousers, crushing the edges well (I urge them a little ': they make a beautiful visual effect).


Brush them with the spicy oil prepared before

and slide them with the help of a shovel (or a wooden pizza shovel which is usually supplied with the refractory shelves...) in the oven heated to the maximum.
They usually cook on stone (or on a cast iron surface) within five or six minutes.
Just gently golden with the help of a palette to make them slide on a tray and bring them to the table;
being careful not to burn yourself at first bite!



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