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Sautéed pasta, vegetables and minced meat with thyme
(a "light" recipe)

Sautéed pasta, vegetables and minced thyme (recipe light)

Even when I devote myself to the kitchen and "light", too, which generally includes, among other things, a single dish, I try, without neglecting the importance of vegetables and other ingredients, not to give up pasta or rice.

And even the color and taste: as in this dish!

Here I proposed with fusilli although, generally fits best with the shells; and wishing, why not, it could serve with brown rice
(I did it: excellent!).

Given the variety of vegetables that come into this preparation, everyone has the choice to put or remove something: if you do not like garlic, maybe increase the onion or replace it with two shallots; and if the onion is not to liking, instead abound with garlic.

The important thing is that the vegetables sian so many and so many colors: although the kitchen is LIGHT, The table should get the joy.

And now, gathered the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients, per person:

short pasta, like penne or shells g 50
minced beef g 75
extra virgin olive oil drops 3
pepper pz 1
zucchini pz 1
onion pz 1
small tomato pz 1
garlic clove 1
broth CT 1
tomato concentrate ct 1
thyme pinch (made with three fingers) 1
cayenne pepper (or hot pepper and paprika) pinch (made with three fingers) 1
sale QB
EVO oil to flavor the end ct 1


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Bring water for the pasta to a boil.

Dice the vegetables and mix them, keeping aside the tomato, the crushed garlic and chopped finely, the spices and salt.

Or mix the spices with the meat: will more flavorful

Salt the water and toss the pasta.

Heat a pan and brush, just brush it, if necessary, with two or three drops of oil and sauté the minced meat for a couple of minutes over medium heat.

Add the mixed vegetables into cubes, mix well and add the broth and tomato paste.

Keep the tomato cubes aside for now

Cover the pan and cook over medium heat for about four minutes.

Drain the pasta al dente (to this point should be cooked), pour into the pan along with the tomato cubes held first by and mix it with the rest of the fire for another minute to blend the flavors.

Remove the pan from the heat, drizzle with a tablespoon of oil and you bring to the table, directly in the pan.

Bon appetit!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • In a good pan that really does not attack you can omit the oil droplets.
  • Multiply the amount depending on the number of diners.
    Being a single dish and having appetite, increase the amount of vegetables.
  • Wanting the pasta can also be prepared earlier and added cold to the pan.
    In this case you may need to skip a minute or two for it to warm up as well.