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Meatballs, peppers and spaetzle:
a proposal almost light ...

Meatballs, peppers and spaetzle: an almost "light" proposal ...

A tasty dinner fished from the stocks of the fridge? No problem!

As I have already told other times, I prepare many dishes a bit 'abundant so you have a small emergency stock.
And it may happen that you spent all day around and be back with a little appetite ...
and just a few days ago it happened like this:
back home I checked what was ready and I found that in the fridge I still had some baked meatballs the day before and also the peppers light
ready for the freezer.

In practice I did this:




extra virgin olive oil



baked meatballs


5 or 6

peppers light




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I spent all in a pan

and I put water for the pasta on the fire.

Mezz'etto dried spätzle is already enough to fill the pot (also go well good egg noodles) and a teaspoon of olive oil complete the whole.

The time that the pasta was ready and that, dinner was on the table.


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  • If you do not want to go too picky, this dish at the last moment could be considered light: it is always less than six hundred calories for the main meal of the day. And we justify the nearly twenty-six grams of fat (especially the meats ...) with the need to combat the cool still around in these days, however, the sun!
    Here are the details:
  • - 5 or 6 balls: kcal 236, 17 grams protein, fat grams 16, 6 g carbohydrates
  • - Ratatouille: kcal 137.32, 3.14 protein, fat grams 5.81, 20.09 g carbohydrates
  • - 50 gr spätzle seasoned with extra virgin olive oil: kcal 203.9, 6.0 grams protein, fat grams 3.8, 35.5 g carbohydrates