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Sweets in bags!

 Sweets in bags!

These days I have posted recipes, or news from my kitchen: I was taken by the last preparations for the holidays looming ...
Just today I finished the bulk of the cookie bag labels. And I filled them up.
A few days ago I had prepared several and on Saturday I finished a first round of friends.

This morning, after preparing and closed packages, I have made up his mind quite a heavy hat, I wore a jacket and I made the rounds of the neighbors who attend to leave in the mailbox of a little thought packages mainly for kids who like a lot of these Güetzli. 

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Now all that remains is to prepare a big sack and then, finally, on the twenty-fifth I will do the final distribution (almost complete but not entirely: there are people I will only see in the mountains in the following days).


But all this work does not imply that I stayed out of the kitchen: indeed, I have also had guests and I went ahead to prepare material for the next recipe, and not only ...
I also filmed the preparation of the zimtsterne and I have to find the time to figure out how to edit the movie together and then dubbed it in a clear way so you can publish it: you'll have to see me live while I prepare the cookies!


  • Psst! Don't advertise too much for the following:
    the draft of the video in progress is already accessible from the site; but it's really painful for now.
    In fact I would miss a director, a car operator and a post production technician ... 
    • I laugh