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Easy easy crème caramel! 

Easy crème caramel

Many, many years ago, when I was a child, my mother made me the créme caramel;
and I liked it so much ...

Since the flavors and memories of childhood often come to mind, it makes you want to find these tastes again.

Clearly not going to look for them outside but preparing them at home;
and possibly without making too much effort.

This recipe (like some others, similar) is not accompanied by the photos of the step by step procedure:
these are basic preparations that I do without thinking about it too much ...
and I always forget that others, perhaps, would like to see, in real life, how it's done!
I promise to fix it as soon as possible!

So, thinking back to the fried cream that my grandmother used to prepare, making the custard thicken and cool, I prepared and served (several times, I confess ...) this dessert;
in my no-frills and unpretentious version!

To make things easier, I used my recipe for custard with whole eggs which I report step by step.

Therefore, if you also want to try this recipe out of the norm, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!


Ingredients, minimum quantity (enough for four people, generally):




XNUMX cups milk



XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar






pure vanilla

pinch (made with three fingers)



 small pinch (made with two fingers)


cups with caramel pc. 4



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In this, as in many other recipes, I use pure vanilla which is found in convenient and expensive jars at the supermarket. 

But if you want to flavor the milk by grating the vanilla from the pod ... the choice is yours.

Whip the whole eggs with the hot sugar, as for the preparation of the sponge cake, will have to triple in volume.

Continuing to mix gently, add the cornstarch little by little.

In another saucepan, heat - without boiling it! - milk with vanilla (or, if you prefer, grated lemon zest).

Put the container with the egg mixture on low heat (or if you prefer in a water bath) and continuing to mix with the whisk, add the hot milk little by little.

Always stirring, continue to cook until the cream has thickened.

It will be better, at this point, to continue cooking a little longer, so that the cream becomes very thick.

Apart from preparing, and keeping in the fridge, long coffee cups, wet with cold water and with caramel on the bottom.

Place the cups (or the special metal molds, if you have them) on the table and fill them with the hot (but not hot) cream.
With the quantities indicated above you make four.

Let them cool for a moment and then move them to the refrigerator for a couple of hours to firm up well.

Transfer each créme caramel on a saucer and enjoy with pleasure.

Bon appetit!



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