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Zimtrollen - Girelle leavened with cinnamon 

Zimtrollen - Girelle leavened with cinnamon

L'basic dough for leavened cakes it lends itself to many uses, not only for cakes and sweet buns but also for small cakes portion:
for example, these cinnamon-flavored sweets.

As well as excellent, they are also a great way to take out of the dough from another preparation!

This last time, for example, I had prepared one Bienenstich of reduced size and with half remaining dough ready and leavened I decided to prepare these fragrant cinnamon cakes.

For convenience I indicate the doses for a whole dough (and therefore consequently a sheet of cm 50 x 30) while the photos that illustrate the preparation show a sheet cm 25 x 30.

I also bring the recipe for the basic dough to have ingredients and procedures all together!

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!


Dough base:

White flour



freeze-dried yeast



XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter



XNUMX cups milk



XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar



pure minced vanilla

pinch (made with three fingers)






pinch (made with three fingers)



XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter



raw sugar







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Prepare the basic dough.

Mix the flour with the lyophilized beer yeast (v. Note) and begin to mix in the mixer at low speed adding the milk with melted butter, then the sugar mixed with the vanilla and the egg.

Stir at medium speed for two or three minutes and then add a pinch of salt.

Continue stirring for a couple of minutes at a time and then put the kneader at maximum speed for one minute.

Cover the bowl with a cloth and let it grow, sheltered from the cold and drafts, the dough for half an hour (must double).

Flour the kitchen counter and gently knead the leavened dough giving three turns to the dough.

Even this dough, like many other leavened products, gives its best if prepared the day before and then left, after these first steps, to mature in a sealed container in the cool, for example in the less cold part of the refrigerator.

The next day it will be left to warm up at room temperature for one or two hours and then worked gently (even with a rolling pin) to be spread in a slightly buttered baking pan (see note).

After a last leavening in the pan, covered with a cloth and protected from drafts, at least an hour can be decorated according to your taste.

At the time of use the dough should be at room temperature. If stored in the fridge it will be left at room temperature for one hour before being processed.

Zimtrollen preparation:

Stir in a bowl or raw sugar and cinnamon.
Melt the butter in a saucepan over very low heat.

Roll out the dough, on a well-floured surface, until you get a rectangle of approx. cm 50 x 30.

Dust it with flour and turn it over on a sheet of parchment paper.

Brush it with melted butter and then sprinkle with the mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Helping with hands first ...

... and then with the paper sheet, roll the dough on itself (as one strudel) to form a cylinder.

Make slices about a centimeter thick and put them to rise on a baking tray covered with cartaforno, covered and protected from drafts, for an hour.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 12 '/ 15'.

Remove from the oven and leave on a wire rack.

Just lukewarm may already be eaten!

When serving them, arrange these very light swivels on a tray covered with a paper napkin: they will not last long

Bon appetit!


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Yeast: if prepared the day before, halve the amount of yeast: the dough will continue to ripen, without growing, even in the cold.
  • These swivels can be stuffed with any kind of decoration: soon other variants!

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