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The four quarter cake,
The one with the right doses!

Four quarter cake

Every time I pick up a recipe that tells me the weight of each ingredient to the gram and then, in conclusion, tells me the number of eggs, well ...
I always feel a bit puzzled: it is not that the eggs all have the same weight.

But in this cake we start from the weight of the eggs!

Moreover, in professional recipes, eggs are referred to as total weight; Not as a number of pieces.

This pie, among other things, very tasty and easy to make with a minimum of patience (and maybe an electric whip ...) bases all the doses of the other three ingredients - the eggs are the first - on the weight of these!

And the last two times I prepared it, the first eggs (full of shell) weighed 140 grams, the second 125!

And starting from the latter, starting as always from the doses of the ingredients, we start cooking!

Ingredients, for a cake mold cm 20x10:




Weight of eggs(whole, in shell)



softened butter



granulated sugar



00 cup flour



baking powder (optional)





for decoration:

flaked almonds

To. Lib

We can vary the quantity of eggs at will and consequently the weight of the other ingredients;
Clearly using a mold of the dimensions suitable for the quantity!


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Weigh the eggs, whole and with the shell: take note of the weight and weigh the other ingredients.

Soften the butter and then put it in cream with sugar; Best to use an electric whip and continue to mount until a homogeneous compound.

Bake the first egg briefly and add it to the cream while continuing to fit until it is perfectly melted.

Beat the last of the eggs by adding a pinch of salt and mount until full absorption.

Mix gently and slowly add the sifted flour at least a couple of times
(Possibly mixed with a little sweet yeast: if the ingredients are carefully fitted the cake grows equally but ... better not risk).

Pour into a mold lined with parchment paper, draw with a spatula and, if desired, decorate the surface with flaked almonds.
Let the cake rest for half an hour while you proceed to preheat the oven.

Bake in the oven (static) preheated to 190 ° C and immediately lower the temperature to 170 ° C.

Bake for 40 '/ 45' minutes (each oven has its own history),

Check cooking with a spatula and let it cool down on a grid.

Ideal for breakfast, snack and every attack of gluttony!

It is stored in a paper bag for a few days without any problems.

Bon appetit!


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