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Diplomatic cake


This sumptuous cake has another monumental aspect as well important feature:
it's delicious!

Present it to the table guarantees, in addition to expressions of admiration to see her, it's very appreciated for the taste and flavor characteristics, data on the presence of two different bases.

And, come to think of it, it's not even difficult to prepare… as long as all the components have already been prepared!

Yes, because being an assembled cake, it is necessary, before starting to pack it, that in addition to cream diplomatic for the filling, having prepared the basics of puff pastry and sponge cake...

And for the preparation of these, I refer you to the individual recipes; I remember that I, personally, prefer to buy the puff pastry (flat or block) already prepared and just to roll out and cook.


funds puff pastry pz 2
fund sponge cake pz 1
cream diplomatic QB
(or other cherry liqueur)
icing sugar for decoration QB


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Assuming that you have all the necessary ingredients ready on the counter, that is the disks of puff pastry already baked and cold, the sponge cake prepared the night before and stored in a cool place and the cream, you can proceed with the assembly of the cake .

Take the first base of puff pastry and is generously sprinkled with diplomatic cream with a spatula.

Place the sponge cake on the cream layer, pressing it hard with your hands to make it adhere well; then sprinkle it with cherry liqueur.

Now cover the sponge cake with the remaining diplomatic cream (keeping a small amount aside to touch up the edges at the end).

It is completed by covering the cake with the second puff pastry plan it lightly with a slight hand pressure.

You could add a further layer of sponge cake (you can see in the photos ...) to have a taller and more scenographic cake: however, we must take into account that this is only good if you want to make large enough slices; small portions would tend to be unstable ...

With the help of a spatula, distribute the remaining cream on the edge of the cake, evening out any irregularities.

abundantly sprinkle with powdered sugar and keep cool until ready to slice and serve.

This cake should preferably be consumed within the day, given the presence of cream in large quantities.

It is however very difficult that, brought to the table, it will be able to last long ...

Bon appetit!


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  • print pdf recipe text to print or keep
  • A classic round cake was made for these photos. But this preparation lends itself perfectly to being prepared in a square (or rectangular) shape and then being portioned into many squares to be proposed as pastries (i diplomats, precisely!)
  • Many prefer to use a distillate, such as kirsch or rum, instead of a cherry liqueur: to each according to their tastes, the cake is always good!
  • If this dessert is made for children, it is much better to replace the cherry liqueur with a syrup made from cherry jam (or apricot, if you prefer).
  • This basic cake lends itself to many variations, here are some:
    - When you bake the pastry sprinkle sugar paste so slightly caramellarla
    - replace the second layer of cream with a layer of Chantilly cream mixed with pieces of fresh fruit (for example strawberries)
    - Use a sponge cake with chocolate or almond.

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