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(the flavia of the Flavia)


It is now about thirty years that, when I find nice lemons, I start at a good pace to prepare limoncino.

But once, about twenty years ago, a very dear friend, Flavia, gave me a bottle of hers, exquisite:
moreover, since she is a proven pharmacist, di infusions Medicines It will be.

I wrote down his recipe, essential and perfect, and ever since, that is recipe for the limoncino of my house!

It is fundamental and indispensable to find impeccable lemons; those in the following photos came straight from the Amalfi coast.

We prepare the lemons and begin!


untreated lemons pz 7
pure alcohol 95 ° cc 1'000
XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar gr 700
water gr 400


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Wash the lemons, dry them gently and with a potato peel remove the peel (only the yellow, not the white part!).

Put them in a bottle with airtight.

Cover them with pure alcohol and leave to infuse for two weeks.

After this period, remove the peel from alcohol (or alcohol from the bottle that contains it).

Separately melt the sugar with water.

Allow to cool the syrup and add it so the infusion

Filter through with cotton or gauze (possibly a strainer, clean perfectly fine).

Stuff and leave to rest for at least a month before consuming it.



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  • print pdf recipe, only text to print or download
  • To facilitate the extraction of the peels from the bottle, it is advisable to reduce them to small pieces, before putting them in infusion; but then they end up everywhere!