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rusks: we prepare them at home?

Homemade rusks

How good is a toast spread with homemade jam!

And if the rusks have been prepared and cooked at home, everything is even better.

Preparing them is not difficult; in the case of my kitchen then, are often a system to reuse the braid bread advanced.

And just a little, a bread knife, a metal plate and an oven.

After all, as the name implies - biscuit - it is something that has been baked a second time.

After all also i croutons to munch that I often prepare to re-use the advanced normal bread undergo a similar procedure.

Here, certainly, it comes to using a special bread, rich in butter and milk, the name itself Butterzopf (or braid butter), Reminds us.

And here cooking requires a prolonged time and a more moderate temperature: only in this way will we combine the crunchiness of these slices with the characteristic golden color; without, however, giving them a vague hint of toasted or, worse, charred.

So, if after a couple of days we have not finished our braid and we are tired of eating it again (I eat it more or less every day, for breakfast) let's start preparing the rusks right away!


braid with butter
metal plate from the oven


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Take the rest of a braid or, if you really want to make a supply of slices, a whole braid or a specially prepared cassette bread with The same dough.

Cut maximum of a centimeter thick slices and place them on a metal plate, without using baking paper or other protections.

Bake in a preheated static oven at 150 °.

Cook until completely golden (depending on the humidity of the bread and the thickness of the slices it will take from three quarters of an hour to an hour) remembering to turn the slices often (possibly aim a timer for six / seven minutes!).

Freshly baked place them on a wire rack and let cool completely.

They will keep for up to a month, if you do not eat all in a couple of days in a tightly closed metal boxes.

At this point all that remains is to take them, spread them with jam and then savor them with pleasure.

Good breakfast or, in case, good snack!


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  • The shape of these slices, unlike those on the market, will be very irregular, since they are cut from a shape like that of the braid. But they are much tastier!
  • Clearly, when it is possible, even the homemade spread has another flavor: like that of apricots or that of plums and peaches!