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Homemade pumpkin

Homemade pumpkin

When there is to prepare some specialties of Sicilian pastry, always presents the same problem: where to find the candied pumpkin (the pumpkin, precisely) to mix with ricotta?!?

Here I do not find it and then either we resort to other candied fruit or, with a little 'ingenuity, we prepare the zuccata at home!
At least the pumpkins here are not lacking.

Clearly I do not want to propose a faultless preparation as the traditional one; preparation that like all those that concern the candied fruit, definitely requires many days of work and time.
The rest of my recipes generally have things that everyone, with sometimes a little 'more commitment, can be prepared in own home kitchen.
So I tried to simplify all the steps and to document them photographically in the most complete way possible.

The ingredients, at least those, are really very few, cheap and essential:
It just has to start using them.


pumpkin (preferably yellow)






XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar





ad lib


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Cut the pumpkin, without peeling it, into large sections and then cut into four for a long time, remove the seeds and the lint and put it in salted water for at least an hour.

Rinse it thoroughly to completely remove the salt and let it drain well.

Boil a pot of water capable enough and in the meantime remove the peel and place the pumpkin on a cloth.

Place the pieces of boiling water gourd and just taken the boil just let the time because they soften without totally losing the firm texture.

Drain them well and let them dry thoroughly for a few hours (possibly placing them on a furnace grate in 40 °, possibly ventilated).
Place them in a pot, cover with all the sugar and cinnamon (this lesser or greater amounts, according to your taste).

Put to cook over low heat for a couple of hours.
After this time, drain the pumpkin pieces in the pot and let them dry on a grate for a few hours or even one night.
Bring the remaining syrup to a boil, adding a little sugar if necessary, put the pieces of pumpkin and continue cooking, over low heat, until the sugar is absorbed.

Place the pumpkin on a grate to dry completely. I personally put it in a container with grateful and leave it for twenty-four hours in the oven at ° 40 / 60 °.

The zuccata is ready for use. It can be stored for a couple of months in a tin box, tightly closed and dry.


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  • The indicated weight of the pumpkin is that of the pieces with the peel and still to be cleaned!
  • The pumpkin is used, inter alia, in the preparation of the filling of the cannoli and cassata.
  • home cooking: the kitchen of my house is that of equipment to my home, in practice the standard in support of the other apartments in the building:
    when choosing the color of the cabinets I asked only a few small variations; such as a deeper counter for more space to roll out the dough!