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The spreadable cream cheese, type philadelphia

The spreadable cream cheese, type "philadelphia"

Sometimes we run to buy a particular product ready that we need only because we do not know that it is something extremely easy to prepare at home: for example the so-called spreadable cheese creams, those like "philadelphia", so to speak!
Creams that with cheese do not have so much to share, at least as we understand it; if we leave out the common origin of milk ...
For a long time, at my house, instead of these products, we simply resort to the strained yogurt that I prepare at home, so thick that it lends itself perfectly as a spreadable cream.

Sometimes it makes it even more consistency and flavor with a small passage in addition, an addition of salt and lemon juice.
And the result is my name homemade philadelphia!

Here's how to do it.


yogurt (whole number)


salt (according to taste)


lemon juice (according to taste)



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Heat the yogurt to just under 40 °, the finger test, as for the milk of the bottle, should suffice!
Or use (as I do) the freshly prepared yogurt and still at the preparation temperature.
Mix, according to the taste, with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon.
Then pour it on a cloth to filter resting on a colander, following the same procedure used for the Greek yogurt cast.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg


Spent a few good hours of the serum will flow and the mass of the yogurt will be more compact.

0005.jpg 0006.jpg 0007.jpg

Now reap the edges of the cloth, and tighten them to strizzar good content, so as to squeeze out any remaining whey.

0008.jpg 0009.jpg 0010.jpg


Wanting to rest on the little bundle a burden to not empty for a while 'and make it even more compact.

0012.jpg 0013.jpg 0014.jpg

Transfer the resulting cream into a container: is ready to be used.

0015.jpg 0016.jpg 0017.jpg

Spread on wholemeal bread this cream is a goodness.

0018.jpg 0019.jpg 0020.jpg


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Attention: being a fresh product without preservatives, it should be kept in the fridge and used within a few days.