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Homemade cottage cheese

The home-made cottage cheese

As someone who already reads me, I'm completely dependent on home-made greek yogurt; excellent, tasty and healthy ... but from two liters of milk I get a liter of yogurt and a liter of whey.
I then tried various solutions: the first, and most immediate, is the ricotta.

To prepare, in addition to the serum, do not need much else; and all of the other present among things always available in the kitchen.

It also takes some time; but this is an ingredient that in less or greater quantities always serves!


Serum casting yogurt, ca.



fresh milk


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Pour in a saucepan the whey mixed with milk (it will give a richer creamy flavor to the ricotta), put on the fire and bring to a boil.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg

0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0006.jpg


Remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes (it must go down under 90 °) and add, mixing with a whisk, vinegar (or lemon - see note) and salt.
After about thirty seconds, cover and let rest, without touching, for at least an hour.

0008.jpg 0009.jpg 0010.jpg

0011.jpg 0012.jpg

After this time, gently transfer the curd with a ladle into a perforated container lined with a cloth to filter (or a dish towel) as already done for the preparation of the yoghurt,

cover and open only to gently stir occasionally until the liquid will be poured, and you will recognize a solid part.

0013.jpg 0014.jpg 0015.jpg

0016.jpg 0019.jpg

Lift the cloth to the edges collecting them to form a bag and squeeze just to favor the exit of the liquid. transfer the bundle in a cheese strainer Cheese (I use a regular plastic strainer ...). Lean over weight and wait one to two hours, depending on the desired consistency.

0020.jpg 0021.jpg 0022.jpg


Remove the weight, open the cloth, place a saucer over cheese strainer (Strainer ..) and flip.

0024.jpg 0025.jpg 0026.jpg


Remove the cloth: the ricotta is ready.

0028.jpg 0029.jpg 0030.jpg


A recommendation: no preservatives or stabilizers were used, so this is not a long shelf-life product; must be consumed by the following day.