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The cannoli, a retelling

The Sicilian cannoli revisited

I immediately put my hands forward: this is a personal review of a recipe that is more typical and classic!
The differences are many: and almost all subtle ... so much so that those who have tried them, despite knowing them well, he mistook them for
yet another version of the original ones!

It is a variant for cannoli prepared without major warnings or research of special ingredients: just what is good or bad is already at home for the preparation of sweets and biscuits.
And believe me, they are really good.

Perhaps in these cannoliindeed, the most apparent difference is also the least important: the cone shape, although not usual, is in fact permitted. As well as cooking in the oven casing instead of frying.

But let's get to the ingredients: few, essential and, today as today, economic




fresh ricotta



icing sugar



gourmet chocolate



mixed candied fruit





pistachio (unsalted) in small pieces



candied cherries



icing sugar to decorate





rolled waffles



We see some details of the ingredients starting from ricotta: it would take that of sheep but, unfortunately, it is not always found; the important thing is that it is very fresh, even if vaccine.
Even candied fruit is, if we want, a fallback: the ideal would be Sicilian pumpkin, here unavailable. You can prepare it at home, this season, in a very simple home version. 
I use dark chocolate kitchen, reduced to scales; are also excellent dark chocolate chips for pastries that are ready to super (but cost more ...)
For the rest, pistachio and candied cherries may be replaced by other fruits or seeds of their liking; but there is even more alienate, in my opinion, the original idea of ​​this cake.



Leaving aside the preparation of the wraps, the filling is of a disarming simplicity: in a bowl mix together the well-soft ricotta, the icing sugar and the candied fruit into small pieces. Then add the chocolate flakes or grated or drops and you put it all to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours.

As I mentioned, typical cannoli they have been replaced by simple hot rolled wafers around the cones, the same that can also be used for frying.

In an emergency, in a hurry or a little desire to get busy, replace them (but do not tell it around) with ready-to-eat waffles, the kind you use for whipped cream.

Now we can move on to the final phase. WARNING: the cannoli must be filled only a few minutes before being served. Otherwise the moisture of the stuffing compound would soften the wrapper, thus depriving it of its crunchiness.

Helping with a pastry bag or even with a simple soft spatula, fill the two ends of the cannoli (or the upper part of the cones), the mixture will end up distributing itself almost everywhere. Flatten the filling with the spatula and then place it on a saucer for a moment on which the chopped pistachio seeds have spread to make them stick. Then decorate the filling with half a candied cherry and place the cannoli, lying down, on a saucer.

Proceed thus until the pods are complete; then decorate them with icing sugar and any pistachio seeds left over from the previous decoration.

Success is guaranteed.


  • Economic ingredients: perhaps the most expensive and rare ingredient was, once, sugar; and reflected the candied fruit. But today this is not usually a problem. If not with the dentist's fees ...
  • The zuccataI promise that if in the next few days I will in time, between a commitment to another, before the end of the season the best pumpkins, to prepare for a little 'for the Christmas cookies. O for the next cannoli!
  • Typical cannoliEven for these I plan to publish the preparation as soon as I find someone who photographers me while I prepare them: they are not simple to prepare with one hand while you are shooting!
  • Baking: or, in this case, with the wafer plate.



# Miquel 2017-09-16 22:09
Hey there just a few heads up and let you know about it.
I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
I've tried it in two different web browsers and show the same results.
# FULVIO MONTI 2017-09-17 05:33
Miquel Quote:
Hey there just a few heads up and let you know about it.
I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
I've tried it in two different web browsers and show the same results.

I just checked: all pictures are loading properly, at the moment.
Did you try from the italian or from the italian version?