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Fruit cakes - 1
Binding cream for baking in the oven

fruit cake

This, more than a recipe, is a standard preparation that can be used when preparing the fruit cakes (for example apricots or apples) to be cooked in the oven, with a base of pastry, shortcrust or otherwise. In these cases it is convenient to use this cream, which also will cook in the oven, to bind and stop the fruit. 
 Since in July we find the wonderful apricots of the Wallis, I immediately took them and used them for these pictures! 

It is a preparation quite fast and without difficulties; just follow a few tricks, both for the quantity for which the procedures, because the cake gets to perfection. And very tasty.

Being among other things, a dessert that you can prepare the dough you prefer, I did not give indications for the ingredients to be used for the fund; and I have already expressed my opinion regarding typically the puff pastry even if here, the rapid it would be good! 


Ingredients for a 26 cm diameter cake tin: 

cream or milk






XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar



cinnamon or vanilla
(optional - see note)


ground almonds
recommended under the fruit ...




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 First of all arrange the dough for cakes (short pastry, brisè, puff pastry or ready dough) on the baking paper in the cake tin and keep cool until use. 

In a bowl pour sugar, eggs and milk (or cream) mixing everything well with the whisk; the cream must be homogeneous. Depending on the fruit and its taste, flavor with vanilla, cinnamon or even finely chopped citrus peel.

Wash, dry and slice the fruit, then heat the oven (fan, bottom heat) ° 180 - 200 °. Resume the pan with the dough, bucherellarlo with a fork and sprinkle with chopped almonds to absorb moisture from the fruit (the reality is fine breadcrumbs but almonds are more good!). Arrange the fruit at will (put fruit upward or downward, sliced ​​radially, in short, as you prefer the visual effect) and pour the cream so that it fills the space not occupied by the fruit: the cream should just cover the fruit, embracing it and protecting it from direct heat; if you think too much, do not use it all.

Depending on the mixture cook for 30'- 50 '. Remove it from the bottom and let it rest on a wire rack. Depending on the fruit can be enjoyed warm or cold.

You can also cover it, as soon as it is not hot, with a jelly of agar agar and sugar or with powdered sugar.


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  • Please note: Season the cream to taste with cinnamon, vanilla, etc. 
  • Add flavoring and / or coloring agents to jelly decoration 
  • If desired, to gluttony, also serve a chantilly cream with slices of cake

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