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My fruit salad

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A good fruit salad is ideal to start the day and is also a great snack in the afternoon! Therefore as soon as I get the chance I take this opportunity to prepare as much just for two or three days.

As the homemade fruit never fails, find the ingredients is not very complex.
Wherever possible I try to use seasonal fruit, but occasionally some pineapple is not unlucky.
In this period there are always melons galia and now there's also some beautiful peaches, ripe to perfection, juicy and fragrant; then to work!


seasonal fruit









whiskey (optional)





First prepare the seasoning: In a nice bowl dissolve honey and jam (instead of sugar or syrup) with lemon juice and sometimes an alcohol (completely optional, but gives a good aroma to the fruit ... for example of the whiskey or even the marsala).

Wash the fruit well; and since the fruit that can be eaten with the skin I leave it as it is, a good cleaning is essential (I use solvay bicarbonate).

Other fruits, such as melon and, in season, oranges, should be clearly peeled ...

Add the fruit as it is sliced, stirring occasionally. So either use it immediately, as a dessert / breakfast / snack or store it in a cool place, preferably in a closed container.


  • - Meaning the salad can be topped with just a simple sugar syrup flavored with lemon juice
  • - A good salad, perhaps enriched, when in season, from berries, is also a great dessert at the end of a meal at home. Perhaps with the accompaniment of a chantilly cream or a one Greek yogurt cast and honey. 
  • - A separate note for the bananas: in the salad they are ruined immediately so I add them directly in the bowl when I eat the fruit salad.