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Couscous with vegetable ragout
(a "light" recipe)

Couscous with vegetable ragout, light recipe

The couscous is one of those dishes I often prepare, with each sauce and seasoning; whether it is light or vegetarian or with meat and fish, you can often see it on my table. And I always prepare it in good quantity; and always with many chickpeas, a legume that I love a lot.
This is a particular version, a dish that satisfies both vegetarians that lovers of simple cooking in fat and calories.
Better to always prepare it in a generous amount; may be for an unexpected guest or only to store the surplusin the freezer for a dinner organized at the last moment or to add flavor to another plate (a couple of tablespoons in a soup transform in suddenly in an exotic dish).
And then, since you are already washing and chopping vegetables, you might as well prepare a lot of it.

As regards the couscous, semolina for couscous, you can use the pre-cooked preparations which are on the market, following the instructions of the package.
Clearly topped with boiling water, sometimes spiced and flavored and then left to swell for about twenty minutes has a different flavor but ... if accompanied by something substantial fine to ready. Which also has the advantage of requiring only a few minutes to be served. (v. Note)

Ingredients, per person:

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0008.jpg

garlic clove ½
medium onion pc. 1
kohlrabi g 80
carrots g 50
zucchini g 50
red peppers g 150
potato g 50
tomato salad (optional) g 50
boiled chickpeas (v. Note) g 70
ras el hanout ts. ½
harissa ts. 1
turmeric ts. 1
saffron (optional) sachet 1
tomato concentrate ts. 1
extra virgin olive oil ts. 1
vegetable broth (v. Note) q.s.
couscous g 50
XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter g 5


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Soak and boil the chickpeas the day before or use the chickpeas cooked in the can: the vegetables are probably better suited to this treatment.

Keep warm on the stove a pot with the vegetable broth.

Heat oil in a pan (which you can use a lid) and to soften the onion over a low fire in pieces and chopped garlic fine or squeezed (better).

0009.jpg 0011.jpg

Cut all the vegetables into cubes more or less the same size, slightly larger than chickpeas. In addition to being comfortable blend in a splendid mixture of colors. Cut into even dice the tomato (optional) which will be added towards the end of cooking.

0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg

0006.jpg 0007.jpg

Add the vegetables in the pan, lightly raise the flame to brown them and then spice them.

Cover with the vegetable stock to which a little harissa has melted, the quantity is at the discretion ...

Cover, reduce heat and simmer ten minutes.

0012.jpg 0013.jpg 0013a.jpg

0014.jpg 0016.jpg

Remove the lid from the pan, add the chickpeas and raise the heat, stirring, until return the liquid to the boil.

Season with turmeric and wanting even with saffron (optional). Simmer a few minutes covered on low heat while ...

0015.jpg 0017.jpg 0018.jpg

0019.jpg 0020.jpg

... It expects the couscous is prepared according to the indications of the package. (v. Note)

0021.jpg 0022.jpg 0023.jpg


And here's the couscous with vegetable ragout: ready on the table!

0025.jpg 0027.jpg 0028.jpg

0029.jpg 0031.jpg 0032.jpg


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couscous from semolina



extra virgin olive oil




pinch (made with three fingers)



small pinch (made with two fingers)


boiling water



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