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Milano-style asparagus

Milano-style asparagus

Asparagus Milanese or above the asparagus with fried eggs?
The question is legitimate because often those that are brought to the table are simply of boiled asparagus and served with over two beautiful fried egg!
But… the preparation, as I have often seen it done at home and how, sifting here and there, I found it indicated as a traditional Lombard recipe, it should follow other rules. Let's see:





XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter





salt, pepper and nutmeg


Grana cheese


As you can see I have deliberately not mentioned the amount for condiments and spices; I believe that if each one must evaluate them, for a dish like this, according to their own tastes.


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The asparagus, if really very thin, can be popped and browned well in butter. Otherwise, as in the pictures and possibly also to reduce the amount of butter a little, they must first be briefly steamed. Those used in this preparation required less than 10 '.

At this point, melt the butter in a large pan enough and let the asparagus flavor well. Then the tips are sprinkled with grit

and add the eggs with salt, pepper and, at will, nutmeg
(I can not imagine a cooked egg in butter without the nutmeg is my fixed).
He incoperchia the pan and leave to firm well the egg whites.

Then again you sprinkle of parmesan, season with the sizzling hazelnut butter and placed on the table immediately, hot.

In the suggestions I have indicated two interesting variations on the theme;
one dedicated to those who, like me, love the almost liquid yolks.


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  • If overcooked yolks are not appreciated, I suggest you do as well: breaking eggs into a bowl picking up the egg whites and yolks separated one by one (for example cups ...).
    Add the egg whites with asparagus, cover and only when they start to thicken well, digging with the back of a spoon individual niches for the egg yolks and add them.
    In this way they will remain quite fluid when they arrive at the table!
  • An alternative that I found a few times is as follows: after having browned the asparagus in a pan with butter, place them in small ramekins and oval after being sprinkled with a little 'grain (an excellent alternative is the Sbrinz ... holds the oven beautifully and is a must try cheese) Pour over the eggs and cook in the oven gratin.
    Add more grit and hazelnut butter when serving.
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