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The bulgur in the rice cooker  

Bulgur in the rice cooker

The rice cooker lends itself to a lot of preparations, you just need to know, for each cereal, what is the right proportion between water and cereal to obtain the desired cooking!

This time I want to introduce you to my bulgur:
both in the basic preparation and garnished for a taboulè.

You just have to prepare it and tell how you found it!

From me, everyone appreciated and tasted it.

As always, when I present a recipe, I also take care to show all the steps of the preparation; when it comes to a preparation that cooks without being able to control it, it is even more important to be sure that everything has been indicated correctly.

For the bulgur in the rice cooker, for example, the proportion is three parts of water for every two parts of bulgur.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!



measuring cups


water or vegetable stock

measuring cups




butter or oil for seasoning after cooking

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Start by measuring the bulgur, in the ingredients I gave an indicative measure:
I usually use small glasses or cups, for example two leveled glasses of bulgur and three leveled glasses of water or broth.

At this point, rinse the bulgur using a very fine sieve; otherwise or it all ends up in the water!

Pour it into the rice cooker and cover with water and salt (or broth)
According to your taste you can add spices; I sometimes use a hint of curry or turmeric.

Cover and turn on.

Cook for twenty minutes without ever opening the rice cooker
(the rice cooker switches to heating only after about ten minutes but you have to wait another ten minutes, without opening the lid, for the bulgur to be completely cooked!)

season, according to the use that will be made of it, with a drizzle of oil or a knob of butter, shelling it well.

Serve immediately, hot, as a side dish to a main dish or ...

Let it cool and dress it with vegetables and / or other ingredients to prepare a colorful cold salad (like a rice salad, after all); such as this improvised tabouleh.

Bon appetit!


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