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Tagliatelle with artichoke sauce with garlic, oil and chilli 

Tagliatelle with artichoke sauce with garlic, oil and chilli

This dish with artichokes is a classic s recipealvacena, prepared at the last moment with what was in the house.

In this case, I still had some sliced ​​artichoke hearts in the freezer to take out and some dried egg tagliatelle in the pantry.

I took the opportunity to repeat a dish that, in season, is especially excellent with fresh artichokes!

This is a vegetarian recipe so I will not list all the variations I have tried with other additions as well.

We can however, for a version otherwise vegan, use a non-egg pasta (even homemade) and absolutely avoid the use of cheese for seasoning.

But now, as always starting from the ingredients, start cooking!

For two people we will need:

artichoke hearts in wedges, frozen



dried egg noodles






Chili pepper



extra virgin olive oil


to season:

parmesan or breadcrumbs toasted in a pan


The choice of pasta is subjective: also excellent with penne or penne rigate or with home-made maltagliati.


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Cook the frozen wedges in the same boiling salted water in which we will cook the pasta until cooked, then drain and dry them with a sheet of kitchen paper.

In a pan, flavor the olive oil with a clove of garlic and a chilli (the quantity of chilli is very personal and variable: I like spicy!).
Remove the garlic and season the artichoke wedges.

Meanwhile, toss the pasta.

Take half of the artichokes and blend them with a ladle of the pasta cooking water.

Pour back into the pan and taste to season with salt and pepper.

Drain the pasta directly into the pan over high heat, adding another ladle of cooking water if necessary.

Continue cooking for a couple of minutes so that the pasta fully absorbs the flavor of the artichoke cream.

Serve and complete each dish with toasted breadcrumbs in a pan or, more simply, with grated parmesan
(absolutely avoid pecorino: it would ruin the delicacy of the dish!).

Bon appetit!



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