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Wild garlic pesto - Bear's garlic pesto

Bärlauchpesto - Wild garlic pesto

This morning my neighbor, Doris, paid us a visit.

And she brought me what was left of the wild garlic picked up yesterday by walking with her husband in the woods around here: half a kilo!

All that was left for me to do was immediately commit myself to working in the kitchen to prepare a nice supply of wild garlic pesto or, as it is called here, Wild garlic pesto.

Here, when this season arrives, it is a flowering of wild garlic preparations, from cheese to quark and many others.

But certainly the most widespread is that of the pesto which among other things is not a complicated preparation: unlike basil these leaves perfectly withstand the blender while maintaining a beautiful bright green color at the end of the preparation.

It is suitable for use in all those dishes that include traditional pesto.

Certainly the taste is different and combines the taste of garlic with a particularly spicy base.

In preparing it, I give a little personalization to the ingredients: I replace the rapeseed oil with excellent olive oil and the Sbrinz cheese with some grana padano.

But now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start preparing it!





pine nuts



Grana Padano



extra virgin olive oil






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Clean and wash the wild garlic leaves, dry them, cut them roughly and place them in the blender.

Add the olive oil, pesto and grated cheese.

Blend for a couple of minutes, mix with a spatula, and mix a few more minutes to obtain a homogeneous cream.

Our Bärlauchpesto is ready to be used!

It can be used to flavor a dish of pasta or to flavor, as in these photos, a minestrone.

It is kept in a refrigerator for a couple of weeks, covered with a centimeter of oil
(the glass jars must be sterilized in boiling water, filled with pesto to a centimeter from the rim and then, covered with oil to the brim, tightly closed).

I prefer to keep it in small containers in the freezer, it keeps perfectly and fully preserves its fragrance.

Good preparation and good appetite!


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  • From Wikipedia: wild garlic (Allium ursinum L.) is a bulbous, herbaceous, perennial plant, not very tall erect, with white flowers and broad leaves, delicate and silky, with a pungent smell of garlic. It belongs to the Liliaceae family such as tulip, lily, lily of the valley and others. It can be found in our forests sometimes in thick and thick populations.
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