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The pasta with the crispy sauce

Cooking on vacation: A crudaiola is always good

With the arrival of the beautiful season comes the desire for light, tasty and colorful dishes; And especially easy to prepare!

A few days ago, always these pages, I presented a very rich and non vegetarian version of the classic crudaiola pasta.

Here, complete and detailed, the classic, completely vegetarian version!

With the minimum of equipment required to prepare it, among other things, this dish is also ideal for when, on vacation, you do not have the availability of a full kitchen.

And it is also a preparation that fits perfectly with re-use: just prepare a good amount beyond what is needed for lunch and the rest, in the evening or the next day will be the ideal base for a pasta omelette or for a tasty pasta salad ; Enriched with pieces of olives, peppers and anything else you want to add.

The ingredients needed are those that are always available; And when you do not find the ricotta hard you can easily replace it with a nice piece of feta cheese.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!

Ingredients for two persons:










hard ricotta (or feta)



tomato salad



extra virgin olive oil


Quantities are clearly all editable according to their tastes.


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Then start finely chopping the garlic (or even plating it with a little oil in the mortar) and mixing it in a bowl with olive oil.

Then add the crushed basil between the fingers, the tomato beetroot and cut into dadolini (If you prefer to replace it with chopped tomatoes, you will not even need to spell it ...) And roughly grated cheese ricotta (or feta crumbled).

All must be mixed well by adding, if necessary, the other oil.

Now while the various flavors blend together, it is time to throw the pasta: and all the salt that intervenes in this recipe is what is needed for cooking water!

Just before dripping the dough, keep a few spoons of cooking water: you may want to add it to the condiment if it appears too dense (I, personally, prefer to add oil again; And what's left at the bottom of the soup, in the end, I brush it off with bread!).

As soon as the dough is cooked, it drains it and pours it into the soup.

Lunch is served!

Distribute in the dishes and enjoy these summer flavors.

Bon appetite


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