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Pasta and chickpeas in a hurry

Pasta and chickpeas

From was from my boyfriend happened to eat, several times and always very good, the pasta and chickpeas prepared by a neighbor.

Just over thirty years ago, I put on the table this pale imitation of that memory:
it was a quickie and only designed to offer something different for dinner ...
I've never done it: since then, here with me, when it comes to pasta and chickpeas, I'm asked to put table just this:

You see who have never tried the real thing!

It is a preparation a bit 'special and quite unusual, in my kitchen:
here pasta is in fact cooked in risotto, as you can better see in the recipe.

And since it is a preparation fast, Chickpeas can also be those pre-cooked, canned:
because, unless you have a particular craze for these legumes, like my home, is not that we start to soak and then boil the chickpeas the day before, for a preparation quickly!

And now let's leave aside the chatter and, starting with the ingredients, let's see how to prepare this dish!


misto vegetables to fried CT 4
garlic (optional) clove 1
sprig rosemary pz 1
already cooked chickpeas gr 250
pasta (smooth thimbles) gr 250
White wine tz & Frac12;
chili pepper (optional) QB
salt and pepper QB
vegetable broth QB
extra virgin olive oil QB


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Assuming that there is already prepared vegetable broth (or that you have put on the fire a pot of water with granular vegetable broth ...) and that there are chickpeas in the house already soaked and boiled (otherwise remedying with a dose of boiled chickpeas, canned - rinsed and allowed to drain) you can start:
fry in a pot or pan capable coarsely chopped rosemary with olive oil and add just after the vegetables to the sauce (maybe those of ready-made frozen food stocks - click here).
Wanting to add also a clove of minced garlic (I really like ...) and a sprig of finely chopped rosemary.

When it begins to brown, and the aroma of fried spreads from the pot, add the pasta and roast them briefly over high heat as if preparing a risotto.

As soon as the dough just begins to abbrustolirsi (do not let it burn, I recommend) pour over the wine and let it evaporate.

Cover it well with the stock.
Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and simmer five minutes.

Add the chickpeas, salt and pepper and, if necessary, dilute with more broth (v. Note).

Bring to a boil, adjust the heat and cook for another five minutes.

At this point the pasta is technically almost ready: Now just continue cooking over low heat for another five minutes and uncovered pot to dry and serve immediately.

The pasta is ready to be served:
not hot but very hot.

Accompany her to the table for those who want to add them, with a cruet of extra virgin olive oil and a pepper mill.

Bon appetit!


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