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The fast pesto to the blender
tradition and technology ...

The fast pesto to the blender

Although I do not miss pestles and mortars of all kinds, materials and sizes in my home, it is always the case that I miss the time to prepare a good quantity of pesto following the certain path of tradition.
For example, when the amount of basil available is decidedly abundant:
and here comes the blender for more preparation tecnologica!

I write blender but I also think about the big glass of the mixer or, for smaller but not minimal quantities, to my blender ... the choice also depends on which aid is available.

The advantages are indisputable, as regards the speed of preparation; a visible disadvantage is the indisputable pallor, due to the heating of the basil leaves, which generally characterizes the result of this procedure.
But even for this there is the remedy: to keep in the freezer for an hour  the oil that will be used for the preparation and use only a minimum quantity of grated cheeses usually necessary and here, by preventing the basil from heating up during the operation with the blender, our pesto will keep a beautiful bright green color!

The rest of the cheese will be added to the tureen, before pouring the freshly drained pasta.
Among other things, even for storage in the freezer, the less cheese there is, the better the storage will be; and when so much is prepared, it is also to set up an escort.

The ingredients, with the simple addition of spinach, are always the same though in greater quantities and with the trick of omitting the addition of most of the cheese until the use of the pesto.

Let's leave aside the pestles and the mortars,

we take all the ingredients and see how to proceed!





coarse salt (marine)



extra virgin olive oil (from the freezer, v. Note)



Basil (leaves) ca.



pecorino cheese (v. Note)



pine nuts



grana (v. Note)




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Put the chopped garlic, pine nuts, salt and about a quarter of the total cheese in the glass of the blender.

Start the blender by adding part of the oil to mix them well ...
complete with hand-chopped basil and mix well with a spatula adding the rest of the oil.
(if you find it more convenient, pour everything temporarily into a bowl and then, back into the blender)

Start the blender and mix for just over a couple of minutes until a smooth but not fine cream is obtained.

Our pesto is ready, with the obvious addition of the rest of the grated cheeses, to season the pasta!

Or, divided into small freezer containers, it can be frozen and used as needed.
(clearly in this case the rest of the grated cheeses will be omitted and added to the sauce only at the moment of use).


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