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Pasta with pesto
(Light version)

Pasta with pesto!

Maybe you've never thought about it but also a good pasta with pesto can be considered as a single dish as well and "light", too!
Sure: just do not have a heavy hand with pesto ...

Moreover it is a complete dish of everything; there are fats of olive oil and pine nuts, cheese proteins and then potatoes, pasta, herbs and vegetables ...
it only remains to decide which pasta to choose.

Preparing the pesto at the last moment can be complicated but you can always resort to a good commercial pesto or do like me: I always have, in my magic freezer, Small containers (from CT 2, 50 ca. g) where I keep the pesto that I prepare in the summer, so I already prepared and good.
The beans used this time, given the season (as I write is January), are frozen.
Fresh potatoes, however, are never lacking.

And here's the recipe, really fast, in a few lines.

Ingredients, per person:

punctured short fusilli (v. Note)









green beans






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Put the water to boil and start peeling the potatoes and cut them into cubes.
Put the pesto into the hot bowl (if it is frozen will melt more quickly).

When the water boils add salt and pour the potatoes, to resume the boil and add the green beans.
Just boils again throw in the pasta.
When the pasta is almost ready, extend the pesto with a spoon of cooking water.
Attention, if it is a home-made pesto frozen (and therefore without cheese), add the grated pecorino cheese.

Drain the pasta and the vegetables and stir into the bowl.

And a full lunch is already on the table!


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  • *
  • When preparing homemade pesto - possibly with bio ingredients - to keep it in the freezer, it is good practice not to add the pecorino (or possibly add just an idea ...);
    it will be added when the pasta is drained.
  • Pitted short fusilli: or other pasta; at will.
  • For the calculation of nutritional values, I preferred to use the values ​​of a good pesto (bio) ready on the market in GDO: not all of us have ready pesto in the freezer:
    kcal 416.0, kJ 1741.0, proteins gr 11.8, fats gr 14.6, carbohydrates gr 57.6