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Mashed sour peppers 

Mashed sour peppers

That of the gods sour peppers it's a recipe that I often prepare: it takes little time and everyone always likes it.

I also like to modify it, with small additions and variations.

But this time I wanted to overdo it!
And I proposed them by serving them, when cooked, with a condiment based on toasted breadcrumbs and various perfumes.
Simple but very tasty.

So I propose again, below, the recipe for peppers; then that of the seasoning.

It is a very, very flexible recipe, and the dosage of the ingredients, even for the dressing, depends only on personal taste or on the diners.

And now, starting as always from the ingredients, let's start cooking!


 - for the peppers

peppers, of every color

at least 3

EVO oil for cooking

never too much

garlic clove

finely chopped or squeezed

red onion, optional


balsamic vinegar

for pepper 1 ct

white wine vinegar


salt and pepper


oregano, optional

if you like

extra virgin olive oil

to season at the end of preparation

 - for the dressing

coarse breadcrumbs

CT. 2

crushed garlic

cloves 1


CT. 1

Chili pepper

Ad Lib.

pecorino (or parmesan)

CT. 1

salt and pepper

in moderation



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Wash the pepper, remove the seeds and the white part and cut into strips no wider than a centimeter.

Heat the oil in a pan with a clove of garlic (whole just crushed with the blade of a knife to remove it later or finely chopped). If someone really doesn't like it - it happens - do without it.

As soon as the garlic releases its aroma, but without burning, add the peppers, salt and pepper and mix quickly. Pour in the balsamic vinegar and sauté them for a couple of minutes over high heat: they must remain crunchy!

Some thin slices of Tropea onion, added a moment before the white vinegar, will give the dish a further touch of crunchiness and spicy taste: better, however, do not overdo it.
And if just before sautéing the flavor appears too sour, correct with a pinch of sugar.

Sprinkle with the white wine vinegar and let it evaporate: as soon as the peppers can be transferred onto a plate ...

... and finally completed with the dressing prepared like this!

In a small pan, brown the breadcrumbs with a drizzle of EVO oil:
be careful to keep the flame low or it toasts beyond measure.

In a bowl, mix the squeezed (or finely chopped) garlic, parsley and chopped chilli, grated cheese, toasted breadcrumbs and a drizzle of oil to bind everything together.

Spread it over the peppers in the pan (out of the heat) or in a tray for the table and complete with extra virgin olive oil.
(here I widen a little: to everyone, as always, according to their taste!)

Bon appetit!


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