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Beetroot hummus  

Beetroot hummus

When I have guests and, I confess, not only, I love to start lunch by putting on the table many bowls with different creams from all sources.

Often tzatziki, as well as garlic butter or anchovy butter.

Sometimes, then, creams of eggplant or other vegetables.

Now, you can't miss this tasty and colorful beetroot hummus!

I found this version on FB, in a post of Mrs. Chiara Del Molin, (test tube for pizza and leavened desserts, among other things).

As in any version of a hummus, the main ingredient is chickpeas, soaked and boiled (but if it must be prepared right at the moment, we also risk with canned ones ...), olive oil and garlic.

The quantities go a lot to taste, especially as regards the spiciness.

After all, everyone can balance them in their own way.

So, starting as always with the ingredients, let's start the preparation!


soaked and boiled chickpeas



cooked beetroot






lemon juice

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extra virgin olive oil



sesame oil



ground cumin

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salt and pepper




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Blend, in the glass of the mixer (or with the hand blender), all the ingredients; possibly by cutting the beetroot and garlic into small pieces (better still, passed with the garlic press).

Be careful, at the beginning, to be quite stingy with salt: it is not only a matter of personal taste but also of the amount of salt used to boil the soaked chickpeas.

After blending and tasting, it will be considered whether to add more.

Overdo it, if you love it, with garlic.

After finishing the preparation, pour it into a bowl and cover it with a drizzle of oil, strictly EVO.

 Decorate the bowl, if desired, with whole chickpeas and parsley leaves.

Enjoy with forkfuls accompanied with slices of lightly toasted bread

or directly poured on bread and voraciously bitten.

Bon appetite


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