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Rice based on the smell of coconut 

Baifan S

An ideal rice preparation to accompany exotic dishes is this variant, with the scent of coconut, of the classic BaiFan (白饭), white rice with Chinese.

It happened to me to find it in oriental restaurants that proposed a kitchen closer to that of Southeast Asia;
even though I prepared this preparation on my own, without looking for it in books and cookbooks.

And I liked the result; as was also pleasing to my guests.

It is important to remember that even if a rice like arborio guarantees a good result, the ideal is to use a long grain rice like basmati, possibly in the variety that smells like jasmine;
I often do I use it too a long-grain rice grown in Italy: the carolina.


basmati rice






grated coconut ts. 2
granulated vegetable broth ts. 1
XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter ts. 2


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The fundamental rule for this preparation is always that of the proportion between rice and water: 4 to 5;
whether you use the rice cooker or the pot for traditional cooking.

The only particularity is the addition in the water with which the rice of two ct will be cooked. of grated coconut and a ct. granular broth (if you have some vegetable broth ready at home, use that, possibly diluted with a little water but respecting in any case, the proportion between liquid and amount of rice).

For the rest proceed as for the BaiFan (白饭), white rice with Chinese; as follows.

Measured water and rice, rinse several times the rice with cold water until it runs clear and fired:

 if you use the appropriate rice cooker just add rice, water, grated coconut and vegetable granular broth mixed together in the container, cover and turn on the appliance.

When the saucepan signals the cooking, add a knob of butter (about 2 ct.), Mix and serve directly in the dishes. 

In the case of traditional cooking, adjust as follows:

put in the pot rice, water, grated coconut and vegetable granular broth

Put the pot on the stove and cook over high heat until you start to boil

Cover and reduce heat simmer for ten minutes

After the ten minutes turn off the heat and let stand in covered pot another ten minutes

At this point behave as for the rice cooked in the rice cooker!

Ideal, for example, to accompany a curry dish, like this chicken!

basmati rice flavored with coconut with curry chicken S

Bon appetit!


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  • If using a rice cooker of recent production, you can prepare the rice even an hour before and then leave it in the pot lit: in the pan cooked automatically switches to warm function (check the individual device instructions).
  • The rice cooker pot allows with a special basket, the cooking of small quantities of steamed dishes, simultaneously with the cooking of rice. 

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