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Wok of winter vegetables to five Spices

Wok of winter vegetables to Five Spice

Even the autumn and winter offer us many opportunities to indulge in the kitchen with colorful vegetable preparations;
dishes not only look good but also to savor.

Here we have a review of exclusively vegetarian chow-mein, Chinese noodles sauteed in a wok.

In this sautéed the protagonists are several tubers and a Chinese spice, the five Spices, a melange of flavors characterized by the strong presence of star anise.

It is a preparation that leaves a lot of freedom in the choice of ingredients: I indicated those used to prepare the dish photographed and, in a note, I indicated those I used, for the same recipe, on other occasions.

The quantities indicated are for two diners, if presented as a single dish; if used with other dishes: decrease quantities or increase the diners ...

And now, starting with the ingredients, let's dedicate ourselves to this preparation Oriental!


Chinese egg noodles g 50
carrot g 150
cabbage Navona (v. Note) g 150
white champignons (v. Note) g 100
Brussels sprouts (v. Note) g 100
sunflower oil TS. 2
medium onion (v. Note) pc. 1
paprika pc. 1
garlic cloves 1
salt & black pepper QB
XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar pinch (made with three fingers) 1
2 tablespoons soy sauce TS. 2
Sake TS. 2
dust five Spices ts. 1
lemon juice TS. 1


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Check that you have all the ingredients ready and at hand: when you begin to cook will proceed without interruption: alternatively can come in handy a couple of helpers in the kitchen!

Cook, following the directions on the package, the Chinese vermicelli.
Drain, toss with a little olive oil because they do not stick and set aside.

Cut into thin strips carrot and cabbage Navona (if you have the specific accessory on the mandolin or food processor it will do in a moment).

Slice the mushrooms and the onion thinly.

Cut into quarters Brussels sprouts.

Chop the garlic fine (or squeeze).

Depriving seeds and slicing the pepper very thin.

Mix the soy sauce, sake and sauté in a bowl Five Spices powder
(This step can also be done in the moment of pause between cooking vegetables and the final cooking with pasta).

Prepare the lemon juice (or lime, if you prefer).

Heat the seed oil in the wok over a high heat and start by blending the onion and pepper for a minute.

Add, continue cooking, carrot and cabbage Navona.

After two minutes pour the mushrooms and garlic and continue cooking for another couple of minutes
(remember that the vegetables must in any case, at the end of preparation, still have a bit 'of the substance under the teeth).

Complete with sprouts and sugar; season with salt and pepper, stir a few seconds.

Transfer everything into a bowl and keep aside while starting to blow up the dough.

Lower the heat to medium heat and pour into wok mixed soy, sake and spices.
Add the noodles and let scaldar well for a couple of minutes.

Add vegetables kept aside and stir well to blend the flavors.

Remove from heat, sprinkle with lemon juice and serve directly in the wok.

Distribute into bowls and enjoy!


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