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Gulaschsuppe, the kitchen of recycling

Goulash soup

When the majestic goulash of yesterday there are only small pieces of vegetables and meat crumbs lost in the sauce, this dish here is that, in a few moments, is reborn to a new life:
here's the goulash soup (Gulaschsuppe)!

A full dish of recycling kitchen ... although it is tempting to prepare a goulash with the sole purpose of having the table this legendary soup!

Typically if the remaining solid pieces are in moderate quantities, you can cut them into small pieces and, after shake the rest, riaggiungerli.

In general, however, I prefer a more drastic solution: and blend everything.


leftovers of goulash
water, if necessary QB


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Pass into big glass of the mixer, never filling more than half, the remnants of goulash and its sauce.

If necessary add a little water to facilitate the work of the immersion blender.

After spending the whole, putting it back gradually into the pot, bring to a boil briefly and serve directly.

Simply completed with some croutons ...

... Or decorated with small cubes of boiled potatoes and half a tablespoon of sour cream.

Ideal for canceling the effect of a gray and rainy day from the spirit!


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