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Pantzarosalata - παντζαροσαλάτα
(Greek Cream of beetroot)

Pantzarosalata - παντζαροσαλάτα


Among the many creams that impregnate the board in Greece, there is this sauce of yogurt and beet which, personally, I find very intriguing.

Soon I will insert the photo sequence and the complete recipe.

For the moment I will only list the ingredients.
Of course it is only personal taste that can establish the right proportions:
I like it this way!


cooked red beets g 300
greek yogurt g 200
walnuts (v. Note) g 40
garlic cloves 2
extra virgin olive oil cc 40
vinegar CT 1 & frac12;
salt and pepper QB


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Said in two words ... they go to the mixer all the ingredients leaving aside the beets.

Then add the beets into small pieces and mix until you get a cream.

Only then add the yogurt, stirring gently with a spoon.

Adjust oil, salt and pepper if necessary.

Keep it cool for at least half an hour and then serve!


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  • walnuts: the cook of the tavern where I go often has made me try a version in which the nuts are replaced by almonds: excellent!
    None of the recipes that I then consulted the reports;
    I carry it also because, although perhaps an exception, I almost prefer it to the original!