Pizzette the slaughters

The pizzas "the slaughters" ...

Why the slaughters?!?
Well, because they are pizzas prepared in the most complete disregard of the golden rules of pizza.

Here the ingredients have been mixed together in such a way as to form a mass with an impractical appearance ... but the taste, at the showdown, is excellent.
And is an ideal system for when we are preparing to burst many small pizzas.

There would be alternatively also another system, also absolutely non-canonical, that of the two-time pizzas; but it will be discussed again.

In practice, with this system, prepare all the ingredients of the garnishing together and then distribute them quickly, with spoonfuls, on the dough ready to bake.
In particular, if waiting around the oven there is a masnada of young hungry people: there is no risk of forgetting something or getting confused in the rush to satisfy everyone.

If then you are doing a series of pizzas with the help of an hour of little helpers, willing but certainly still a bit 'messy, you avoid having a thousand ingredients (and consequential problems) on the table!

We proceed:


pizza dough

flour for the work surface

mozzarella cheese


anchovies (optional)


Grana cheese

passata (or tomato sauce)

extra virgin olive oil


pepper (optional)


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Divide into small pieces (less than 40 one) the pre-risen dough, Give a couple of laps to pasta and pick it up in little balls.

Grease each ball with a minimum of oil and put them to rise in the oven at 35 ° (or turned off but with the light on) for at least half an hour.

Meanwhile prepare the dressing nimrod (all-in-one...!):
diced mozzarella pizza and mix in a bowl with the capers, anchovies into small pieces (optional), the chopped oregano flowers in her hands and Parmesan; give a mixed and ...

... add the tomato puree, salt, pepper (optional) and olive oil.
Stir and keep aside.

Place the well-leavened balls of dough on the table and begin to heat the oven, possibly using also a refractory surface at 250 ° / 300 °.

To form some pasta disks on the floured surface, using only the hands: the dough should not be of an impeccable regularity!
About forty grams of dough should result in discs of at least a dozen centimeters in diameter.

Arrange the disks on a wooden floor or in a suitable metal to slide them into the oven (or on a metal plate floured just to put in the oven) and garnish with a spoonful dressing prepared earlier.

Bake and cook for about 4 '(in an oven already warm to 250 ° at least ten minutes, so as to ensure the temperature of the refractory surface).
If the dough has been stretched well, four minutes is usually the maximum limit!

Crank out pizzas and distribute them to the defendants: Bon appetit!


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  • If desired, you can be prepared by g of dough balls. 20. At this point it is easier to bake already spread out on a sheet of parchment paper.