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Vegetable baozi - (蔬菜 包)
Chinese steamed bread with vegetable filling

Baozi the vegetables, (蔬菜 包)

This is another version of Baozi I have already presented (baozi with chicken and mushrooms), A version with vegetables; albeit for the presence of dried shrimp can not be defined a vegetarian version (the variant without shrimp is shown at the bottom).
Among the Chinese steamed buns that I prepare is usually the one most appreciated by my guests, perhaps for the very delicate flavor and unusual at the same time.

The preparation of the filling is very simple and fast; you can easily prepare it the day before. I often prepare a double amount, keeping half of it in the freezer; in this way, the following time is ready!

Ingredients (24 baozi):

Chinese cabbage



dried shrimps (4 CT)



minced garlic



extra virgin olive oil






glutamate (optional)






sesame oil



dough for baozi (v. recipe)




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Soak in warm water dried shrimp for at least an hour. Wash the cabbage, cut into four lengthways and place in lightly salted boiling water to soften (about 1 ')

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg


Rinse with cold water, drain well, wring out and cut it into cubes. Let him back into the colander until ready to use it.

0007.jpg 0009.jpg 0010.jpg


Chop or crush garlic, drain the water from soaked shrimp, chop them up finely and heat the oil in a wok and, when hot, sauté garlic and shrimp up to sprigionarne full aroma.

0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0008.jpg

0012.jpg 0013.jpg 0014.jpg

0017.jpg 0018.jpg 0019.jpg

Add the squeezed cabbage and mix briefly. Then add salt, pepper and possibly glutamate; Also mix pouring sesame oil. As soon as everything is well mixed (two minutes maximum) transfer to a bowl and let cool completely.

0015.jpg 0020.jpg 0021.jpg

0022.jpg 0023.jpg 0024.jpg

0024a.jpg 0025.jpg 0026.jpg

0027.jpg 0028.jpg 0029.jpg


Preparing baozi: forming a sausage with the leavened dough, cut it into pieces and flatten them 24 one to one with the palm of the hand.

Spread part of the stuffing on the first disk and, holding it on the palm of the hand, fold part of the edge of the dough onto itself pressing firmly; continue along the entire edge until the baozi is completely closed. Proceed in the same way for the rest of the pasta discs.

0033.jpg 0034.jpg 0035.jpg

0036.jpg 0037.jpg

Lay gradually sandwiches on small squares of parchment paper (preferably perforated) because they do not stick and let it rest for about fifteen minutes, possibly covered.

Place them in a container for cooking steamed or in the typical bamboo baskets and cook them in the water vapor bubbles already at very high heat for ten minutes at least.

0040.jpg 0041.jpg 0042.jpg


0038.jpg 0039.jpg 0040.jpg

The baozi will be ready when their volume will more than double.

Served hot accompanied by some soy sauce.

0041.jpg 0042.jpg

Remember to oil the wok after cleaning and drying it; as well as to pass it with a rag, before use to remove any traces of oil.

0031.jpg 0032.jpg


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  • print pdf Recipe, text only: to print or download.
  • Note: I personally prefer to replace pure glutamate with granular vegetable broth which contains much less (dry yeast extract ...) And instead it uses the flavors of vegetables and spices to enhance the flavors.
  • For the vegetarian version: The special and distinctive flavor of dried shrimp can be simulated using algae for food fresh and intense flavor.
  • Dried shrimps: Nowadays you are easily found in stores specializing in oriental food; in cases of extreme urgency to replace them with the anchovy paste; but, I can assure you, the result will not be the same!
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