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Spring rolls (with vegetables) 春卷, Chinese cooking

Spring rolls

I love the spring rolls; and as always, you can say, I prefer prepararmeli on my own!

Already forty years ago, in Milan, I found myself occasionally with a friend, as a passionate me of cooking and oriental preparations and, for a day, we devoted ourselves to the preparation of spring rolls!

And we say that the time was not an easy ... first of all there were no handy Chinese grocery stores and so the sheets for spring rolls, available anywhere today, we were preparing the on our behalf (vn); to a hundred at a time.
And the filling was prepared in adequate quantity.

In any case the spring rolls are perhaps theappetizer China's best known. And like all the widespread preparations, there are many kinds, beginning with different stuffed with meat or vegetables.

I often prepare this vegetarian version made from soybeans, much appreciated by my guests; a filling very different from what is usually found in Chinese restaurants.














bean sprouts



dried Chinese mushrooms



salt and pepper




soy sauce

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sheets to rolls




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Whisk an egg salting just an idea with salt and soy sauce.
Distribute it very well in a large frying pan, already brushed with a little oil, reduce heat and cook a couple of minutes because it congeals.

Transfer it to a cutting board and just roll it up and cut into strips.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg

0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0006.jpg

0007.jpg 0008.jpg 0009.jpg

Slice the vegetables into thin strips (or as they write masters to julienne) Including Chinese mushrooms soaked and stem private.
Fry in a wok, at fairly high heat, the onion with the pepper and bamboo.
Then add the mushrooms.

0010.jpg 0011.jpg 0012.jpg

0013.jpg 0014.jpg

Stirring constantly add the egg strips, carrot and, for the past, the bean sprouts.
Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with soy sauce and spent a minute remove from heat and keep aside to cool.

0015.jpg 0016.jpg 0017.jpg

0018.jpg 0019.jpg

Open the pack of sheets to rolls and keep them covered with a damp cloth. Take the first sheet, covering again the rest with the cloth, and place it on another wet cloth.
Rest a little 'now cold filling in a couple of centimeters from the top edge of the sheet, placing it in a rather elongated.
Lift the upper end of the dough and fold to cover the filling.

0020.jpg 0021.jpg 0022.jpg


Now fold the side edges, first one and then the other to enclose the dell'involtino sides; and conclude by rolling on itself on the rest of the pastry.
Repeat until all the filling and the pastry!

0024.jpg 0025.jpg 0026.jpg


Fry the rolls, a few at a time, in hot oil but not hot, dipped from about half a minute after turning them.
CAUTION: better to avoid the deep fryer immersion: tend to heat up too quickly swelled to bursting.

0028.jpg 0029.jpg 0030.jpg


Gradually the rolls are ready to put them to drain on a wire rack or on a kitchen paper to remove any excess oil.
serve them hot with a soya sauce and, for those who like a agropiccante sauce

0032.jpg 0033.jpg 0034.jpg

0035.jpg 0036.jpg


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  • NoteFor those who want to try at home also prepare the dough for the rolls, the description of the procedure (pastry for spring rolls) It is almost completed.
    This is not the classic preparation, but a very simple variant: more or less how to prepare crepes.
  • It is not necessary to cook all the rolls at once; but, given the length of the procedure, it should prepare many, frying those who serve and freeze the other: a chance to use them soon will come for sure!